White Goods
Craft Vic
31 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Australia
February 7 – March 28 2015

Spears – marble, wood, gesso, gap filler, banyan string, kangaroo leather
Spear pendants – marble, silk cord, sterling silver – photos by Christo Crocker ©

What if we took the convenience out of modern day food preparation. Removed all the ‘white goods’ from our kitchens. These appliances make our day to day lives so far removed from how man kind used to hunt and forage for food. If refrigerators and microwaves were never invented what would a modern day spear look like? The spear was one of the earliest and most important tools developed by the first humans. This tool, often made with a stone head was used for hunting, fishing and as a weapon in combat. These decorative white spears with hand carved tips are a reminder to us that once upon a time humans were more connected with the natural world.