What’s love got to do with it!
Curated by Katie Jayne Britchford

iv kunst und forum
Münchener Freiheit 7,
Munich, Germany

13 – 17 September 2018

Katrin Bertram & Daniel Goehr
Yvonne Bosl & Bernd Weber
Katie Britchford & Thomas Silberhorn
Barbara Herold & Florian Huth
Youlee Ku & Fabian Feichter
Stephanie Müller & Klaus Erich Dietl
Ursula Oberhauser & Peter Weiss
Lilian Robl & Korbinian Jaud

Graphic design by Lukas Schimpfhauser & Maximilian Haya ©

‘What’s love got to do with it’ is an exhibition of artist couples. By placing works parallel can one see a connection within their artistic practice? Each artist works independently, however we ask the question or rather pose the question, has love got anything to do with it!


Bernd Weber – Yvonne Bosl

Katrin Betram – Lilian Robl

Florian Huth

Ursula Oberhauser

Peter Weiss

Katie Jayne Britchford

Korbinian Jaud

Barbara Herold

Youree Ku

Fabian Feichter

left to right: Youree Ku – Lilian Robl – Fabian Feichter

Daniel Goehr

Thomas Silberhorn

Lilian Robl

Finnisage sound performance – Sewicide Solution von Mediendienst Leistungshölle (Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl)