up-close dining

Exhibited at multiple exhibitions/events – (mirrored projection with sound installation)
In collaboration with Thomas Silberhorn

Domagk Atelier open studio weekend, Munich, Germany

14 Neue Ideen für ein erfolgreiches Kempten/Thomas Silberhorn, artig.st Kunstreich Gallery, Kempten, Germany
if i were you what would you do, Galerie___21 Vorwerk-Stift, Hamburg, Germany

‘up-close-dining’ is an interactive art piece in which the viewer becomes a participant of the projected scenario. The mirrored image is taken from a stock photo from SeaWorld in Orlando in America. This particular marine sea park offers its visitors the chance to ’dine’ while experiencing captive Orca whales swimming around and performing with trainers in a tank.

“Dive into Orlando’s most immersive and memorable family dining experience. Following your meal, you’ll get an up-close view of our four rescued whales and the relationship between them and our SeaWorld trainers.”

This outdated and distasteful daily event seems to celebrate humans ability at keeping large wild animals captive for human entertainment. No captive animal, even considered a ‘rescue animal’ should be trained and required to ‘perform’ for human entertainment. What kind of abhorrent scene have we created.

A male killer whale (Orca) can live up to at least 60 years in the wild while a female can typically live about 50 years (but can live up to at least 90 years in the wild.) A captive Orca on average will not live past 20 years.

Coupled with the actual sound track played in the marine park during the dining experience, this art piece attempts to place the viewer right into the scene to encourage thought and reflection based on their own ethical-egoism and its possible consequences.


Hamburg, 2019

Munich, 2024