Postcards for Palestine – 

Berlinskej Model, Prague, Czech Republic, 2023
Claire de Rouen Books, London, England, 2023
Venice Biennale, South West Bank: Landworks, Collective Action and Sound exhibition, 2024

Postcards for Palestine is an artist-led initiative, and a collective call to action. It is made up of over 1000 original postcard sized artworks contributed by hundreds of artists from over 40 countries around the world. PfP was founded in October 2023 by artist Peter Watkins as a direct response to the devastating humanitarian crisis which continues to unfold in Gaza and the West Bank today.Over 9,000 EUR was raised at two fundraising events held at Berlinskej Model Gallery, Prague and Claire de Rouen Books, London in early December 2023.All proceeds were donated to UNRWA and PCRF.
It was always crucial that PfP was international in scope, encouraging a plural and far-reaching voice to emerge. We wanted to do more than just fundraise, believing that our collective voice has more impact than anything we could achieve alone. Alongside raising funds, our goal was to create a platform for raising awareness, adding context, having in-person conversations, and providing a platform for artists to unite their networks in solidarity.