super+ Centercourt Gallery
Adalbertstrasse 44, Munich, Germany
9 March 2015 – 17 March 2015


Brooklyn Metal Works
640 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NYC
13 June 2015 – 31 July 2015

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In which four jewellers explore the materiality of four mediums: paper, plastic, metal, stone. Each artist, who currently identifies with one of the four specified mediums, will create four works based on the theme paper-plastic-metal-stone. They are invited to consider the social and cultural history of their chosen medium, and how the material interacts – historically, culturally and aesthetically – with the other three materials. They are not limited to their ‘assigned’ material but are expected to pursue a pathway that advocates for the ‘unreadymade’; working towards creating works of sentimental and shared values, as Joshua Simon puts it, as a means to infuse meaning in our neomaterial economy. Paper-plastic-metal-stone will comprise of approximately sixteen jewellery/art objects, around four small works by each of the participating artists.

Emi Fukuda – paper
Clementine Edwards – plastic
Gillian Deery – metal
Katie Jayne Britchford – stone

Munich exhibition…

red – 2015 jasper, marble, cord

purple – 2015 jasper, marble, cord

green – 2015 chert, marble, cord

Brooklyn exhibition…