Nadja – Clementine – APHER® – Katja – Sophia – Yuka – Rebecca – Jing

Kunstpavillon in Alten Botanischen Garten,
Sophienstraße 7A, Munich
Ausstellung: 09.03.2022 – 27.03.2022


Jewellery as protection, jewellery as material, jewellery as decoration, jewellery as gesture, jewellery as invitation, jewellery as product, nature as jewellery, jewellery as process, jewellery as film.

Eight visual artists share their view of the wearable object through cinematic representation.

Participating artists: Nadja Buttendorf, Clementine Edwards, Angela Geisenhofer (APHER®), Katja Köditz, Sophia Mainka, Yuka Oyama, Rebecca Thomas, Jing He


Poster design by Molly Dyson



Left to right: Katja Köditz, APHER®, Sophia Mainka

Left to right: Jing He, APHER®

Yuka Oyama

Sophia Mainka

Nadja Buttendorf

Left to right: Katja Köditz, APHER®, Sophia Mainka

Jing He

Clementine Edwards

Left to right: Rebecca Thomas, Nadja Buttendorf

APHER®, Yuka Oyama, Clementine Edwards

PHOTOS BY: Stefan Freund

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Brettchen from Jonah Gebka @jonahgebka w:
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Human Puppets

Gartenlaube der Kunst
Am Bogen / Ecke Rathausstr.
85521 Ottobrunn
15.11 – 15.12.2020 – (extended until 15.01.2022)

(As part of the 1 year program titled ‘dear animal’ organised by Gartenlaube der Kunst.) ‘gartenlaubederkunst’

“Why do we keep some animals as pets while we eat others?
It’s a known fact that some farm animals are more intelligent than our favoured cats and dogs. Pigs come to you when you whistle for them and they love to be petted just like a dog does.
But billions of animals suffer at the hands of humans every year in the meat and dairy industry, yet household pets like cats and dogs continue to multiply at an unprecedented level and are treated in the Western world as human companions; our human puppets.
Unlike our favoured pets like cats and dogs the farm animal will live its entire life in an intense farming system and is unable to express its normal behaviour. Their life spans are cut short, their living conditions are inhumane and cruel and these animals are purely processed like manufactured commodities.
In 2019, 59.7 million pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and horses were slaughtered in Germany. In addition, 703.4 million chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other birds were also slaughtered.


(source: Statistisches Bundesamt/Albert-Schweizer-Stiftung)
EU regulations stipulate that a pig weighing 50 to 110 kilograms needs just 0.75 square meters of space. Based on these figures and the size of this glass house I calculated that almost 8 fully grown pigs would live their entire lives inside this small and suffocating space. (266cm x 221cm)
The empathy we have for particular animals over others is such a paradox in our society today that the system continues to fail billions of animals while it favours others.
This absurd process comes down to a persons unwillingness to accept responsibility for their own actions as a consumer. On one hand we love our cat or dog and treat it like part of the family, yet on the other hand we consume the flesh from a chicken or a cow without even considering its life.
We need to find compassion for all animals to end the suffering of the selected few.
This installation represents the animals humans have chosen as their friends and companions. Made to look like an expensive marble monument to our pets I am hoping to highlight this extreme paradox in human behaviour. It is my hope, as a conceptual artist that this work makes you think more about the plight of ‘the other animals’ that humans treat in an insufferable way for their own consumption.” – Katie Jayne Britchford


eurospar supertip
2019 – film

This film was made during my residency in the north of Italy in the summer of 2019. (Longega A.I.R – South Tyrol, Italy.)

Using the vast Dolomites as the landscape,
I imagined a world where nothing living had survived;
only dry sun bleached rocks and the continuous journey
of a few lonely plastic products,
rolling and rolling,
never ending.

Video stills © 2019

jewellery-not jewellery

Galerie von Empfangshalle + t156
Theresienstrasse 154 & 156, Munich, Germany

Opening 9th March 2020, 19:00.
with Performance at 20:00 by Kyrill Constantinides Tank. 

10.03. – 15.03.2020
14.03.2020, 10:00 – 18:00 ‘Skin Job’ All day performance by Max Weisthoff.

A multi-disciplinary exhibition that attempts to blur and break down the boundaries between contemporary jewellery and art: Sculpture, media, painting and performance artists come together to create art pieces with jewellery, art pieces about jewellery and of course jewellery as art pieces.
This exhibition opens a broader conversation in regards to how we define jewellery in an art context.

Participating artists include:

Niko Abramidis & NE / Lina Augustin / Kyrill Constantinides Tank / Jonah Gebka / Susu Gorth / Florian Haller / Barbara Herold / Florian Huth / Maria Justus / Simone Kessler / Sophia Mainka / Judith Neunhäuserer / Ursula Oberhauser / Paula Leal Olloqui / Florian Rautenberg / Ivo Rick / Cordula Schieri / Anne Seiler / Thomas Silberhorn / Wolfgang Stehle / Neringa Vasiliauskaite / Stela Vula / Peter Weiss / Max Weisthoff


photos by Florian Huth and Katie Jayne Britchford

Flyer image ‘Die komische Kette unserer Musiklehrerin’
© Kyrill Constantinides Tank

t156 + Galerie von Empfangshalle

Galerie von Empfangshalle

Neringa Vasiliauskaite

Sophia Mainka

Simone Kessler

Susu Gorth

Anne Seiler

Florian Rautenberg

   Ursula Oberhauser

Barbara Herold

Cordula Schieri

Wolfgang Stehle

Stela Vula

Performance by Kyrill Constantinides Tank

Performance by Max Weisthoff