New Kids on the Block

Halle 50 Galerie – Städtisches Atelierhaus Am Domagkpark
Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Str. 30, Munich, Germany

20. September – 29. September 2019

‘In this multidisciplinary exhibition, Katie Jayne Britchford presents selected
works by newly arrived artists to introduce them to both visitors and new artist colleagues.’

participating artists:








Marco Stanke

Jonah Gebka
(photo by Julia Smirnova)



Felix Burger

Julia Smirnova
(photo by Julia Smirnova)

Judith Grassl


Performance by Sandra Bejarano

Josef Köstlbacher

Felix Kruis

Melanie Chacko

Mari Iwamoto (foreground) – Xenia Fumbarev (background)

Jan Rybniček

Neringa Vasiliauskaite


photo project from 2012 to 2017

Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
A forgotten city of sparkly gemstones and perfectly polished door handles.

Where all your stoney dreams can come true!

all photos by Katie Jayne Britchford ©




































Winterschlaf (Hibernation)

photo project – 2018 – ongoing

Winterschlaf, the time when Munich’s public art and fountains are hibernating!

Wooden covers.
Each one individually designed to protect its fountain or sculpture.
During the freezing conditions of the winter months.
Intriguing in their quest for both hiding something and unveiling something.
And a little funny and strange too.
An eyesore?

The city of Munich is one of only a small number of cities in Germany that build such elaborate wooden constructions to house their public art pieces and fountains during the long wintery months. For most residents of Munich these covers are almost invisible as a regular part of Munich life. But for me, as a new comer to the city, I was not able to ‘not’ notice them scattered all over town, for they have also become a sculpture in their own right; another type of statue or art piece, leaving me with the curiosity of what is actually underneath some of these strangely shaped constructions.

all photos by Katie Jayne Britchford ©

































if i were you what would you do

Exhibition by Katie Jayne Britchford and Thomas Silberhorn

Galerie 21___im Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift,
Vorwerkstraße 21
Hamburg, Germany

26. April – 28. April 2019

‘For this exhibition both artists have created individual works as well as collaborative projects. Katie often focuses her work and ideas around materials as fake and materials as matter and Thomas creates kinetic sculptures that alienate from daily objects and memories. In ‘if i were you what would you do’ Katie and Thomas have combined their often humorous and ironic work in an unusual and multi-disciplinary installation.’




‘sea-sick’ 2019, bottles of liquor, wood, paint, motor




‘live fast, die young’ 2019, rubber, wood, dried grass


‘wafers (#1-5)’ 2019, wafer sheets, paint



‘up-close-dining’ 2019, projection and sound installation
(collaboration between Katie and Thomas)


‘Domestic bliss’ 2019, wood, paint, Carrara marble, resin, vinyl, plastic, metal, sponge, shower curtain, concrete, spot lights




Conversations with David

Domagk Ateliers open studio weekend

Städtisches Atelierhaus Am Domagkpark
Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Str. 30
Munich, Germany

8. – 10. June 2018

Mixed media. Four Seasons by Vivaldi















 Alles in Ordnung?

        Graduate Master exhibition

Otto-Decker-Straße 2
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

        7. – 20. July 2017

Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is where it should be. Is everything ok? Like a post human ‘paradise’ you could say, where remains only stone and the remnants of human activity, human manufacture, and humans relaxing by the pool. A dialogue or dance if you will between nature and culture, real and unreal, fast and slow, hard and soft, and old and new. Each object has an intention, a reason for being there, or does it?

Is a cast plastic pineapple spray painted silver and made in a factory in China and then bought from a shop in Germany still a pineapple? What does this pineapple represent? A type of paradise, a glimpse or a moment, an escape from normal life, within the pure meaning of the object – sitting there on ones dining table? Sail away with me to a better place! A promise, maybe. Our culture, built from the re-appropriation of things stems from a capitalist ideology which helps one to believe that ‘alles in Ordnung.’ (everything is ok)





















Assemblage – the order of things, 2017

photo series and magic eye










physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.
“the structure and properties of matter”

hand-carved pink marble, plastic, foam, photos in DM, 2017

The man-made plastic alongside the natural stone. An apparent dichotomy, however both materials enduring the test of time. For me, the ever-growing abundance of cleaning and beauty products for women are both absurd in their function and absurd in their necessity. To immortalise these objects in stone is to render them useless. A statement about our cultural desire to pressure women into the ‘needing’ of such objects, highlights the strange way in which we have removed ourselves far from our natural world. To bring together the pure matter of material (stone and plastic), is to question our own existence as creators of things. What will be the artefacts in the museums of our future?








Skin Rings

hand carved pink marble, 2016

“When stone becomes skin and skin becomes stone”

Photos by Michael Müller ©








Quantity not Quality

‘Big Bang and You’
Fünfzigzwanzig Galerie
Residenzplatz 10, 2.Stock
Salzburg, Austria

        19. August 2016


‘Schlechte Entscheidungen’
Kunstarkaden Galerie
Sparkassenstraße 3
Munich, Germany

        20. September – 22. October 2016







rainbow rod


periscope #1

horse shoe

big spring

square square


piggy back


circle and square



plastic ring

faux pearl


small spring

periscope #2

rock and Mozart