‘MATERIALIZATION’ – master thesis 

56 page book (A4 size – b&w) containing thesis text and exhibition images from Alles in Ordnung? exhibition, © 2017

“Our world is full up, full to the brim with stuff. We constantly want more, we constantly need more. We work more so we can buy more. We buy more so we can have more. But what is all this ‘more stuff’ and do we really need it? It is as though we have forgotten who we used to be and whence we have come. Life seemed simpler back then when there was less stuff to buy, less things to need.

My thesis is not a text about consumption, nor is it about materiality, it is more about getting to the root of all of it, the reasons why we make things and where it all comes from. There must be a good reason behind it, or maybe not.

The materialization of culture, of nature, of beauty, of art, and finally my own materialization, are all sub headings in which I start a conversation about ‘how’ and ‘why’ within my thesis.”

– Katie Jayne Britchford

‘oi, where do you think you’re going?’ – photo book 

76 page book (A3 size – b&w) – All work and images by Katie Jayne Britchford © 2018

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