Alles in Ordnung?
Graduate Master exhibition
Otto-Decker-Straße 2
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

7 – 20 July 2017

hand-carved pink marble, glass, foam, plastic, metal, granite, resin, sand, canvas, wood, vinyl, rubber, carpet

Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is where it should be. Is everything ok? Like a post human ‘paradise’ you could say, where remains only stone and the remnants of human activity, human manufacture, and humans relaxing by the pool. A dialogue or dance if you will between nature and culture, real and unreal, fast and slow, hard and soft, and old and new. Each object has an intention, a reason for being there, or does it?

Is a cast plastic pineapple spray painted silver and made in a factory in China and then bought from a shop in Germany still a pineapple? What does this pineapple represent? A type of paradise, a glimpse or a moment, an escape from normal life, within the pure meaning of the object – sitting there on ones dining table? Sail away with me to a better place! A promise, maybe. Our culture, built from the re-appropriation of things stems from a capitalist ideology which helps one to believe that ‘alles in Ordnung.’ (everything is ok)