Winterschlaf (Hibernation)
photo project – 2018 / 2019

Winterschlaf, the time when Munich’s public art and fountains are hibernating!

Wooden covers.
Each one individually designed to protect its fountain or sculpture.
During the freezing conditions of the winter months.
Intriguing in their quest for both hiding something and unveiling something.
And a little funny and strange looking.
An eyesore?

The city of Munich is one of only a small number of cities in Germany that build such elaborate wooden constructions to house their public art pieces and fountains during the long cold months. For most residents of Munich (I could imagine) these covers are almost invisible as a regular part of Munich life. But for me, as a new comer to the city, I was not able to ‘not’ notice them scattered all over town, for they have also become a sculpture in their own right; another type of statue or art piece, leaving me with the curiosity of what is actually underneath some of these strangely shaped constructions.

all photos by Katie Jayne Britchford.
(Book in production – 2019)